Gulf Health Service welcomes you to Germany

and is glad to be on your side as a competent partner. Our aim is to accompany you on your way to the medical elite in this country as professionally as possible.

Why to prefer Germany as a place of treatment?

Germany is in a leading position concerning medical research, development in technology and pharmacy. Thousands of visitors trust the highly qualified doctors. The government invests big budgets in medical areas so that they can develop and flourish. The diagnosis, the treatment, and the rehabilitation are submit to the latest technical innovation worldwide. What moreover recommends treatment in Germany are the relatively low prices, compared to other European countries, not to mention the USA.

Gulf Health Service arranges your treatment in first class hospitals so that you can take advantage of this excellent medical service. We coordinate your entire journey, the appointments with the treating persons and arrange all you need for your families. We guarantee a totally professional service as well as cooperation with the elite of German doctors and hospitals so that you can become healthy again as soon as possible.

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Chirurgische Klinik Ulm

Gulf Health Service is specialised in care about patients. We see ourselves as interface between patients, well known specialists and the best and thrustful clinics in germany.


Our experienced team consists of competent and professional Translators, who know about the Arab culture as well as the German one.